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nectarcart seo case study
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About the client

NectarCart is an online shop selling raw, unprocessed organic honey direct from the honey-bee keeper.

The main objective is to get quality traffic both from the search engines ( mainly Google ) and social media and drive the sale. 

At present they are selling in Kolkata and its surrounding areas. They sell their product through both parcel services and cash on delivery model. 

Currently, they have 3 varieties of honey flavours, Sundarban honey, multiflora and litchi honey. Each of these products is FSSI licensed.

Here is what they say about our SEO service: “SEO of NectarCart.Com

Present Situation:

At the time of writing this post, the website was ranking for multiple keywords ( may be still ranking ) and getting traffic and sales.

Current Ranking of Nectar Cart
Current Keyword Position

SERP Preview

The challenges

The brand and website are completely new. Primary challenges are, penetrating the local honey consumption market which is already occupied by many big brands like Dabur, Patanjali & others. Creating trust among honey consumers.I started working on this website on 10-10-2019. 

The website

Previously the UI/UX of the website was not user-friendly. Call to action buttons were not visible, had payment issues, tests were too small etc. I suggested them to change the look and feel of the website, make it mobile responsive and fast loading. At present, the website running on WordPress CMS, elementor page builder was used with Astra eCommerce theme which supports woocoomerce.

Initial Research

After undertaking the project, I started some initial research on the honey uses, its consumption in India, the number of small & big brands presents in the market.

Also gathered information about the targeted audiences, their demographics such as gender, age group, profession, purchasing power, education level, whether loyal to a brand and frequency of purchase etc.

Here are some brief facts I gathered,

Consumed as food and non-food applications – food, beverages, cosmetics and pharma.

Most loved flavours are Multiflora. Peak seasons: Autumn, Spring ( High ), Winter, Summer, Monsoon ( medium ).

Can be consumed above the age of 12 months. Diabetics are not suggested to consume ( more research needed )

Top brands in India: 

  • Dabur
  • Patanjali
  • Patanjali
  • Hitkari Honey
  • Apis Himalaya Honey
  • Little Bee Organic Honey
  • Beez Honey
  • Dyu Honey
  • Zandu Pure Honey
  • 24 Mantra Honey
  • Baidyanath Madhu (Honey)

Social Media 

I checked each of these brand’s social media profiles, market place reviews to get ideas what consumers like, what don’t, what kinds of content people are liking the most, what terms they are using etc.

SEO Process

After the initial research, I created 2 buyers persona. This is a semi-fictional character who represents the potential audience or consumer of the company. It helps to create an SEO campaign. As the website was built new, not SEO audit was required at the initial phase.

Keyword research:

Keyword research was done keeping in mind that the business will operate locally and competing against larger brands. Keyword gathering and selections were done using various tools such as Ubersuggest/Google Keyword planner, Ahref etc.

Competitor Analysis:

Competitors were different for different targetted keywords. We analyzed the top 10 pages of SERP per main keywords to find out weakness and strength, content quality, backlinks etc.

Content Creation & Onpage SEO:

Next step was to create quality product descriptions and other page content based on my keyword research. Onpage optimization such as writing the meta descriptions, titles, header tags ( h1, h2 etc. ), image anchor text, internal linking, etc were done one by one. Implemented product review, rating schema, FAQPage schema etc for ctr improvement.

Local SEO:

As the client was more focused on local marketing, we aligned its SEO strategies accordingly.

Off-Page SEO:

For off-page SEO we started quora marketing, niche forum posting etc. The SEO task is still going on and it is ranking without any backlinks. This case study will be updated in future. If you want any help regarding SEO or Other digital marketing services, feel free to contact us.

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