Difference Between Raster & Vector Graphics

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This article explains the difference between vector and raster graphics and how you can utilize vector images to improve your content and add more value to it.

In our day to day life, we see different pictures, images, photos etc. Most of them are in either jpg or png format. This type of image is called a raster image or a bitmap image.

What is the bitmap image?

Bitmap or raster image is pixel based images. These pixels has only one colour value. You can see those pixels when you zoom in the picture and see square one coloured boxes forming the entire image.

This kind of image can be scaled up, only scale down.

A high-resolution bitmap contains more pixels than that of the low-resolution bitmap image.

More the resolution, more the colour of the pixel can carry forming the image.

Common file types are jpg, png, tiff, bmp and gif files.

These are the most common than the vector images. Photographic camera or mobile camera, screenshots on a pc or laptop create this bitmap image files.

What are vector images?

On the other hand, vector graphics are made up of line, curves and points. When we create any diagram or shape in vector format, it creates a mathematical equation.

Thus when we scale up it doesn’t pixelated and shows crisp and smooth edges forming the vector image.

Most common types of vector images for eps, ai, pdf, svg, wmf, cdr etc.

Because of vector graphics or provide us such flexibility they are used in illustrations and logo creation.

A vector graphics can be converted or exported to any bitmap file type.

But converting a bitmap to vector graphics required retracing using any vector editing software.

What Software You Should Use for Creating vector Graphics?

There are various open source, free and paid software available for offline and online works. Graphics designers prefers the following software applications mentioned below.

Adobe Illustrator

Industry-leading application for professional graphics designers for creating high-end vector graphics. Expensive and the learning curve is steep.


Professional graphic design software with design tools, intuitive layouts design, and search capabilities for finding graphics.

Affinity designer

You can use this handy, easy to use application for your UI projects.


Open-source vector graphics tool with object creation and manipulation, rendering, text support, fill and stroke functionality.


Graphics software that enables users to create and edit beautiful designs, blur-free logos, presentations, cards, and brochures.

Other applications worth mentioning are Xara photo and graphics designer, Serif DrawPlus, Sketch etc.

How vector graphics can improve the value of your content ( website, app or books )?

As we all know the main purpose of creating content is to satisfy our audience or readers looking for a solution to a particular problem.

The content you create either text or video-based should always focus on this purpose.

A vector diagram for design dramatically increases the value of your content by few folds which leads to the satisfaction of any reader or your audience.

It gives them crystal clear understanding of your content. It also serves as visual content.

Devchimp digital service is providing professional vector graphic designing service for book authors or a content marketer to help them increase their content value.

Because more value you give to your audience, more trust you earn and ultimately your business grows.

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