SEO Case Study: Sri Ramkrishna Institute of Engineering, Kolkata


In this post, I am going to share an SEO/SMO case study of SRIE Kolkata. I worked with them for almost 1 year and the result was outstanding

I am also showing some screenshot images to prove this is not a fake story.

About the project:

SRIE is a private coaching institution situated at Ganguly Bagan, Kolkata, near Iris Hospital.

They have been preparing degree and diploma engineering students willing to appear for various Govt. technical competitive exams and entrance exams such as GATE, RRB JE, SSC JE, BSNl, WB JELET since 2003.

They claim every year hundreds of students crack various exams using their classroom or distance learning programme ( using study material dispatched through postal service ).

Teachers and Professors of various prestigious Engg. college, Universities were attached to conduct classes.

I figured out their online reputation was average.

Initial situation/ Challenges:

After joining there the first thing I did was complete website audit of their old website and found lots of technical and on-page errors for SEO purpose.

The old website looked something like this below, not mobile responsive, page loading speed was more than 4 seconds, every time it reloaded an annoying popup would appear covering the screen and from a user perspective, this was not friendly at all.

SRIE Kolkata Old Website

I suggested them to fix all those errors but unfortunately, they were having some trouble with the website design/SEO agency.

The agency did the worst with them. They blocked/suspended the website due to non-payment of a pending bill.

After a lot of turmoil, the institution recovered their domain and decided to end all contracts with the old agency and recreate the website.

I suggested them a professional web designer known to me.

Previous Marketing:

Previously they spent lots of money doing offline newspaper advertising, Flex, banner, college visiting, seminar etc without any good ROI.

At that time they were interested in digital marketing for getting leads.

They realized the importance of hiring an online marketing professional to help achieve their business goals.

It is a small organization, the marketing budget was low.


They had many large & famous competitor institutions operating pan India and probably a huge marketing budget.

Some of them are: Vaani, Gate academy, Made easy, and ace academy to name a few.

All of their online presence was stronger than that of SRIE. They occupied almost the entire SERP of related search terms.

Online Marketing Target:

The main target was to get quality leads from prospective students residing in West Bengal using Google and Social media platforms.

As they were not interested in Google Ads because of bad experience, I had to focus on organic ranking and optimizing their social media presence.

How I handled this project as an inhouse SEO/ SMO executive:

Initial Phase:

When I started working with them, I understood their target audience, various courses offered by them, figured out various demographics for each of the exams, created a few buyer personas for better understanding about the audiences and effective marketing campaign.

Website development phase:

They recreated their new website using the same domain.

I suggested website designer types of layout for better user experience, make it mobile responsive, lightweight, install SSL for better security, providing them with the site architecture for better SEO performance & suggested Gzip compression for better loading.

The website was built with framework, hosted on a Windows IIS server with Plesk operating system.

The new website looks like this:

SRIE New Website

Technical and Onpage SEO:

Competitor research: After a discussion with the director, I finalized a few close competitors operating in Kolkata. Analysed their online marketing efforts and got some ideas. Also used them to find rankable, easy keywords.

Keyword research & Onpage SEO:

In the keyword research phase I brainstormed, used different sources, keyword research tools ( free and paid: ), did competitor research to find keywords with low difficulty and satisfactory search volume.

Next did keyword mapping based on user intent to create content funnel based on the AIDA model ( Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action ).

Wrote meta title, meta description for each of the pages,

Provided structured data coding for the rich snippet, google search console verification, google analytics install, Facebook pixel install for re-marketing.

Ranking Keywords for SRIE

Content Writing:

After keyword mapping, a thorough analysis of the websites in SERP and TF-IDF analysis was done, I created a content guide for content writers.

This was a detailed instruction for writers for creating SEO optimized content using main keywords along with related LSI words for each page.

Suggested SSL, Gzip compression for better page loading.

Page Speed optimization:

After the first launch of the website, it’s page loading speed was not that great. I used the Google page speed insight tool, Pingdom and GT Metrix to analyze it.

Later, when some of these issues were fixed, page speed increased.

Pagespeed in GT Metrix

Mobile friendly check and Mobile-first index:

Mobile responsive check
Mobile responsive check

Google now prefers the mobile version of a website for mobile search, thus the website was made accordingly.

Local search optimization:

Since SRIE’s targeted audiences were local, I emphasized on the local SEO efforts so that students residing within the targeted location can find them using Google or other search engines.

I had to optimize their GMB profile which was not done previously. Updated the correct business info, details, descriptions, created a free site, created posts to get traffic and attention, suggested them 360-degree virtual tour set up inside the office to boost conversions.

I also concentrated on getting genuine reviews from old students on GMB and other online platforms.

Beside GMB, profile setup and verification was done on Bing Places.

Next, Complete citation audit was done to check the consistency of NAP-W information.

I requested the profiles with wrong information for modification or be deleted.

New citation, directory listing was done regularly on major websites in India.

Google My Business SRIE
Google My Business SRIE

Off-page SEO:

This includes content promotions, guest blogging, onsite blogging, utilizing, medium etc. I utilized the platforms where their targeted audiences might hang out online.

A part of off-page SEO. I started finding link opportunity using various methods such as checking backlink profiles of competitors, finding niche sites accepting guest blogging, finding 404 pages on relevant sites, resources pages, forum posting, skyscraper techniques etc.

Back Links of SRIE

Social Media Optimization:

Platforms used: Facebook & Youtube

Targeted age group was between 20 to 26.

Because, in India, their targeted audience ( students of 20-26 ) spend most of their online data suing those platform. ( Data source )

When I started doing digital marketing for them, they had an almost negligible social media presence.

They probably didn’t realize the importance of social media that much.

FB page like was around 410. FB posts were not done regularly by the agency they used to work with.

SRIE Current FB Page
SRIE Current FB Page

At first, I tried to improve their visuals, recreated high-resolution logo, created stunning eye-pleasing graphics for FB page, youtube.

I advised them to create a video for advertisement and Youtube purpose because videos are most likely to get attention or engagement.

A short animated video with voice over was done by a professional animator. I wrote the script for voice over and was finalized after discussion with the director.

I also created a few videos with online tools.

Although other online profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter was created, they were not utilized as those platforms are not effective for this educational marketing campaign.

As their marketing budget was limited, I had to utilize it carefully to accomplish the goals.

I launched various paid advertisement campaigns on FB for different purposes. First launched a Brand awareness campaign in local areas to make students aware of our existence.

Thereafter, I launched post engagement campaigns while starting or announcing their courses or batches.

Lead generation was done with two different tactics, one was online scholarship exams for admission to some of their courses and the second one was using a lead magnet, a free useful downloadable ebook.

Online scholarship exam was created using an online platform

For lead magnet method, I developed a useful ebook for the targeted students, created a free responsive website, where a student can download it after submitting their name, phone number, email, course interested in etc.

The campaign was successful.

Both of the tactics generated as many as 400+ quality leads within 3 weeks.

Beside this paid campaign, my focus was to increase the engagement rate ( likes, comment, share ).

I created a FB group, joined various related groups where my audience might be present.

I posted informative contents, quiz tests, MCQ questions, replied to every query. Thus, gradually, engagement increased, which led to calls and website visits.

ChatBot Creation:

Chatbots are now a hot trend. It’s a chat system backed by artificial intelligence/machine learning.

It gives instant answers/help users find their query from you even when you are offline. Instant answers satisfy users and can generate leads.

I used the Chat Fuel free plan for creating a basic answer bot.

Youtube: There were a few videos on their channel, I advised them to record interviews of successful students, even a few classrooms coaching videos etc.

They postponed this plan for various reasons.

Other channels:

Quora: I used this platform for content marketing and establish the institution’s authority and build trust among the potential students.

Set up a company profile, answered related questions asked by students. I ran a web traffic campaign on quora. CTR was 1.6%.

Bing: I also launched a Bing Ads ( PPC ) campaign to show presence on all online platforms.

Started with finding Audience planner to choose the location, Bing ads intelligence tool ( Excel Addon ) to find the right keywords, creating ad groups with right keywords, and create 2-3 ads inside each ad group.

Utilized Sitelink, call, Location, Callout extensions to improve CTR.

Although the traffic from India was negligible, I got a few leads from Bing Ads.

Now See The Results:

SSC Je coaching kolkata ranking
SSC Je coaching kolkata ranking
RRB je coaching ranking

Current Traffic Status of SRIE

At the timing of writing this blog, this website is getting targetted website visitors from Google search engine.

Current Traffic Status

So, you can see my quality of work. A proper SEO/SMO strategy can take your business to the next level.

If you are still eager to grow your business online using digital marketing, let me know that. I will be more than happy to help you.

Kindly contact me if you want to hire me as a freelancer or as a full-time employee.

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