Regardless of anything that your business is offering, digital means of marketing is the best way to reach the audience effectively. The company needed to put effects on the website and Facebook in the past. However, new trends are evolving and the companies are looking for different options to establish the online presence and achieve the marketing goals. If you are left behind, there is a huge way to go as several new digital trends are rising every now and then. Here are some of the significant digital marketing trends that are emerging now and read further to explore them. As a digital marketing executive, you must be aware of these.

1. Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the means where Artificial Intelligence is used to automate the advertisement industry to reach the right group of audience. You can automate the ads and make it reach to the specific audience. For instance, you can consider real-time bidding. It is the type of programmatic ad buying and found to be more popular in the recent days. This automation is more efficient and fast, which will pave the way for a higher conversion rate with lower customer acquisition costs. With this dominating trend, it is estimated that around 86.2% of the digital display ads will be programmatic ones by the end of 2020.

2. Conversational marketing

When social media takes a significant place in digital marketing, conversational marketing also evolved. People get more doubts and they wish to communicate with the business owners before buying the products. Further, this interaction creates some bond between the business and the audience. Unlike the traditional strategies, this form of marketing is now available across multiple platforms and it offers ease of reaching the audience. This can be achieved with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. A stat says that around 82% of the audience loves the immediate response, which will likely increase the conversion rate.

3. Personalization over the emails

Email is serving as the most important channel for communication and it is possible to reach billions of people in a short period. It might be personal, industrial, legal, scientific, commercial or any other process, the email would be the most suitable option. Thus, email has occupied the top priority in the marketing industry as well. Now, technology has combined emails with technology and made it personalized. You can just trigger a single mail and it will reach thousands of your audience mentioning their names and other personal information like location, offers, etc. This will help you in having personal communication with the huge crowd.

4. Omni-channel marketing is growing high

When the importance of digital marketing is growing high, it is not enough to reach the audience only with one or two mediums. You need to consider different channels like apps, emails, social media, and several others. This approach will help the business to connect the business with its customers in this digital touchpoint and bring out a better user experience. However, you need to be wise in choosing the channel and make it beneficial for establishing business marketing goals.

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5. Immersive techs like AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been becoming popular in the recent days. This is dominating in the marketing as well. It is estimated that the technology will take the business over 100 million and help in achieving the business marketing goal. For example, if you are dealing with the furniture business, with this technology you can show the expected result and how aesthetic your furniture in the room.

6. Interactive content

Digital technology can grow to any extent, the importance of the right content will also rule the marketing industry. It is found that around 91% of the buyers are looking for more interactive content online in 2020. This will also help you to shift the complete focus on the things that are required by the people. This technology will offer 360-degree video, polls, and quizzes to make the content interactive.

7. Shoppable post

You might feel that the option of the shoppable post is found in social media even two years back. However, it is 2020, for this shoppable post to become such a trending one. 2020 is exploring these blinking dots, out of box integration with third-party apps, primarily and eCommerce marketing tech because of ease of use. As the interest among the people for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are growing high, this is also found to be high. As per the research, Instagram has active customers and the count is more than 1 billion. Among them, around 90% of the people are following the shopping brands. So, don’t you now think about how trending it is!

8. Chatbots

This is one of the important trends as per 2020. It is the Artificial Intelligence-based technology that is used to send some instant messages around the clock. It is found that these chatbots will power 85% of the customer service by the end of the year. Also, 80% of the businesses are willing to install these choices for their business growth. This is because more customers love to get the response instantly and they are ready to be patient and wait for a long time. You may not employ a person to chat with the people all the time. So, the chatbots will be the best option for these.

9. Video marketing

As there is a steady increase in the usage of social media, video marketing is also gaining more importance in the recent times. Through videos, business owners can take the business to the targeted audience easily. Also, the information will remain in the mind for a long time. However, you need to be more appropriate and creative in creating videos to enjoy the benefits of it completely.

The bottom line In this huge business world, you need to follow the different strategies to bring out the best way to establish the goals. So, make enough research on the trends and handle it in the right way to make it beneficial.

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