15 Types of Content Writing & When to Use Them in 2021

Types of Content Writing

Content writing is undoubtedly one of the most common mediums for advertising today. Thus, it is growing as a profitable industry all over the world. The profession of content writing is also getting a new dimension in the world market. 

Are you an entrepreneur and want to establish your business globally? Hire the best content writers today for impressive results. 

Do you need expert content writers with proficiency in several writing styles? Specialists are available nowadays for various types of creative content writing. Ensure that your purpose is fulfilled by analyzing the different types of content writing. 

The most popular styles of content available on the internet are as follows;-

  1. Article Writing
  2. SEO Writing
  3. Web Content Writing
  4. Content Writing for Advertising
  5. Copywriting
  6. Creative Content Writing
  7. Academic Writing
  8. Script Writing
  9. Social Media Writing
  10. Technical Documentation Writing
  11. Email News Letter Writing
  12. Press Release Writing
  13. Editorial Writing
  14. Research Paper
  15. White Paper Writing

These different types of content categories have their own way of conveying messages and influencing the readers. These categorizations evolved because different media or platforms don’t share common audiences and require different levels of persuasion.    

What is content writing?

Content writing is a form of write-up to fulfil various purposes. There is no formal content writing definition as per the dictionary. However, people know it as a method of expressing some information helpful for audiences.

For digital marketing, content writing is inevitable. Moreover, it can be a great option for personal branding too. Typically, it involves writing good stuff and editing the same. 

A content writer must have the requisite skills for creating appealing content. These can be blog posts, social media posts, articles, and even news reports. Thus, it is an all-pervasive medium to intimate the audience about a particular subject or brand. 

Different Types Of Content Writing

different types of content

The types of content writing are many. Every niche can bring out unique writing skills from the writer. Expressing the idea compellingly is the primary responsibility. Furthermore, the content must be crisp and short, highlighting the main points. 

One must focus on the format of content writing for the desired result. To suit the varied needs, content writing techniques must also undergo certain changes.

Some examples of content writing are here as follows. 

Article Writing

Article writing generally refers to an informative writing style. Generally, the related subject matter is a technical one. For instance, it can be a descriptive article on specific hardware, software, advanced technology, and others. So, many people like to call it technical writing also.

The content format of this type of writing is pretty simple. However, it will not include informal language. Such technical articles are in high demand among the student fraternity. The professors or doctorate persons also take help of these detailed articles to suit their requirements.

SEO Writing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role in personalizing a brand. It refers to the correct usage of the relevant keywords to provide the appropriate search results. Moreover, the primary focus remains on lead generation and attracting more traffic. 

SEO Writing can be based on different areas and give the exact results that the audience wants. It is one of the vital parts of content writing for advertising. If the contents of a website are not engaging and up to the mark, the ranking on the search engine will not be favourable. 

Content writing for website

Web content writing refers to writing some engaging and meaningful content for different websites. The target audience for each website differs according to the specific requirements. It is written to promote a particular business. Therefore, the presence of relevant keywords in the content is quite essential. It is a must in the case of content writing for the website. 

The format must be in conformance with the layout of the website. Make it as attractive as possible for instant responses. 

Content Writing for Advertising


Connecting with the customers is possible through content writing for advertising. Moreover, it must be high-quality with an intention to increase the customer base of the brand. Through such an excellent technique, it becomes easier to know the feedback from the audience. 

For instance, adding some audio-visuals within the content and explaining the USPs of the product will look more compelling. However, the information must be crisp and relevant. Such content can also contain indications for the public to participate in some contests. It is a great way to make the customers return. 


Creative Content Writing

Creative content writing is another content writing example for influencing the viewers. It is mainly the result of extensive imagination. Therefore, for creative writers, this is the most preferred way to express their views. 

Several literary devices are present to ensure the appropriate use of creative writing. In other words, it is a cluster of ideas and thoughts to project a subject in the most creative way. These literary works often cast a profound impact on the minds of the readers. Some examples, in this case, are poems, stories, scripts, songs, plays, and the like. 


Copywriting is another form of advertising to make the brand popular among the audience. However, with the online media available, it is now easy to create a global market. The only target for copywriting is to persuade the viewers to materialize the sale. Moreover, excellent clear text in a compelling tone is the ultimate motive. Some mediums in this respect include print ads, catalogues, web portals, and many more.

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Academic Writing

The descriptive writing format recognized by universities and other educational institutions is academic writing. It must be informative and to the point. Every such content has some specific purpose. 

For example, preparing a report on a particular subject can be a form of academic content writing. Often, the students deliver such reports in PDF formats. Thus, it is an idea to persuade others to read the theory in more detail. 

Script Writing

Scriptwriting is a fascinating segment among multiple types of content writing. Mainly the ad-makers or filmmakers depend on such writing styles. It contains a number of characters and mainly focuses on their dialogues. The screenplay is another name for such content writing format. 

The script must be short and power-packed to keep the audience engrossed throughout. It must be in simple language as if we are conversing in everyday life. The detailed structure of the whole plot is explained through a script. Moreover, it is the first and primary step for developing the characters. 

Social Media Writing

Today, social media is the strongest platform to express your thoughts and ideas. However, it can also help in the growth of the business. Social media writing is the most significant example of this. 

Such content becomes more potent when you add media to it. Furthermore, it must have a specific purpose. You can apply various platforms for social media writing like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. 

For a beginner, it is important to know the basic techniques to promote a brand. 

Technical Documentation Writing

Technical documentation aims at explaining a suitable procedure to the target users. Furthermore, these content categories are written in a descriptive tone with all the necessary instructions. So, it is the source to clarify the architecture and functionality of a certain product. You can keep this in the section for technical writing also. 

Email News Letter Writing

Email News Letter is a kind of email that contains all the latest updates and news. Therefore, it becomes convenient for the readers to obtain first-hand information about a specific product or service. It is also a cost-effective approach to draw the attention of more audiences. Such activity will obviously lead to enhancing the reach to a great deal. 

Press Release Writing

press release image

To describe the activities in an event or occasion, such as the launch of a particular product, etc., press release writing is crucial. Generally, such writing is for a specific organization. However, at the end of the day, it is given to the press to confirm a certain event from the entity’s side. 

Editorial Writing

Editorial writing is a necessity primarily for journalists. The writing style must be very strong enough to force the reader to think just like the editor. It deals with various events occurring recently. Moreover, such a writing format also contains some contradictory issues. Therefore, it is all about a balance between the facts and the analysis of different activities taking place simultaneously. 

Research Paper

After an in-depth examination of a particular topic, a scholar is supposed to make an essay on that. This is called the research paper. It is one of the most significant parts for scientists to make the world aware of their top-rated inventions. So, the language of this format of content writing must be informative and conceptual. 

White Paper Writing

White paper writing is all about guiding the readers to resolve an issue on a particular topic. Thus, it is an in-depth analysis of the subject matter to get to the conclusion. Such content has a lot of similarities to an e-book. It is pretty long in size and covers most of the topics related to the subject. 

To Sum Up

Any appealing content can ensure more traffic. As a result, the viewers will take more interest in coming back to the website. The various types of content writing can assure you of the growth of the business in the long run. Contact with a reliable content writing agency in Kolkata to help you prosper eventually.

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