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Affordable Book Interior, Page Layout Design, Formatting, Conversion Service for Authors, Self Publishers, Bloggers by Grafixo, a Pro Book Designer on Fiverr.

We Provide Services for Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Lulu, SmashWords, iBook & Others Print-On-Demand Services.

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I am a passionate graphics & website designer, highly skilled in icons, symbols, banner designing, Print or Kindle Book formatting, academic diagram drawings. I have been in this field since 2015. Making my clients happy by providing them with outstanding results is my ultimate goal. This dedication, hard work gained me a level 2 seller on Fiverr.

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Book designing is an essential task for an author to be done before it gets published. A book with great cover design, typesetting and eye-pleasing formatting attracts readers, makes it easily readable. Our Professional Books Design Services consists of two processes: Designing Stunning Book Cover and Book Interior Page Layout Formatting.

Creative Book Cover Designs

There is a phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover only. But in reality, we all do this. The main purpose of creating an eye-pleasing book cover is to help it sell more copy from the thousands of other books.

The print on demand and online self-publishing platforms has given a boost in the book publishing industry. Every year hundreds of thousands of books are published in almost every genre.

creative book cover designs

A perfect book cover consists of a few parts such as Title, Author name, Main image or body of the cover, Spine, Back cover, Book summary, ISBN no. etc. Our Expert graphics designers go through a few steps to make a creative book cover:

  • Conceptualize the book content. Understanding the theme of the book is important before design a cover.
  • Getting inspiration from other works. It helps to make a unique cover that differentiates your cover from the crowd.
  • Creating / Editing the artwork/images.
  • Choosing the right typeface that communicates with the genre and the overall theme of the book.
  • Adding the right text for subtitles, blurb, endorsement etc.
  • Choosing the right colour & contrast the trigger the emotion of a reader.

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    Book Page Layout Design

    Book interior formatting is another important task of the book design process. It involves arranging the visual elements of a book page such as texts, tables, images, charts etc to make it look pleasing and easy to read. It is said that you may not notice a good page layout but, you can’t ignore a bad page layout design.

    A good book page layout follows some “Golden Rules”.

    These are: Leave some negative space, The proximity of the related elements, Repetition of style, colour, layout etc, Contrast, Alignment of texts, images inside the book page, The focal point, the main attention-grabbing element of the page, Hierarchy of the elements.

    A book interior file has several parts such as title page, copyright, dedication, preface or introduction page, table of contents, chapter pages, endnote, footnote, header, footer texts, page number, margin, lists, bullets, quotes, blocks, gutter width, book ornaments, appendix, Drop caps, author bio etc.

    All these may need different layout, font selection, paragraph spacing, hyphenation, adjusting orphans and widows, kerning of the fonts etc.

    Our professional book page layout designer will select the right book trim size & transform your manuscript’s elements ( text, tables, charts, graphics ) into a custom made a professional layout that will grab and guide a reader’s attention. We use industry-leading software Adobe Indesign for this purpose.

    eBook Formatting Service

    Ebooks are electronic versions of a printed book. It doesn’t require any paper to be published. It can be read by using smartphones, PC, laptop, tablet or e-reading devices such as Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & nobles etc.

    There are different formats of ebooks such as epub, Mobi, pdf, azw3, DjVu etc. Online ebook retailers such as Amazon KDP, Smashwords, iBook Authors lets you publish and sell your ebook on their platform.

    ebook design service

    iBook author requires an epub format with a fixed or flexible layout. Kindle e-reader requires. MOBI format for perfect reading. Our ebook conversion service ensures you perfectly transform your manuscript into these formats so that they are accepted without any error.

    Book Design for All Genres

    All genres of books, all trim sizes and self-publishing & POD platforms. We undertake a book design project of any genre and any trim size. Whether it is a cookbook, a kids book with lots of illustrations or a text-based novel, the final product will always be satisfactory.

    Get your final print book in PDF or INDD ( Adobe Indesign ) formats. Convert book from an ms word document, text file.

    book genres

    Why choose our formatting service?


    We have been doing book formatting for 5+ years. I know rules and regulations of each of publishing platform very well.

    Various Platforms

    We format for various POD & Online platforms like Amazon KDP, Kindle, IngramSpark, iBook, Google Play, Smashwords, Kobo & Others.


    Our formatted book version is guaranteed to be accepted by those platforms.

    Many Formats

    Provide you final book in various formats: .mobi, .epub, .PDF, .indd etc.

    Fast turn around

    Time to complete a project depends on the number of words, book interior styles, images, tables used etc.

    Attention to Details

    You choose the font, interior styles such as bold, intalics, strikethrough, underlined words are kept as original. Internally linked endnotes (footnotes are converted to endnotes).

    Table of Contents

    In case of ebook versions, clickable table of contents ( NCX for .mobi and epub ) are created.

    2 Free Revisions

    2 Free revisions are provided for every book formatting project.

    Upload Books

    I can help authors upload their book properly without any extra cost.

    Format for All Major Publishing Sites

    Amazon Kindle Formatting Services

    Amazon KDP is one of the biggest platforms that lets indie authors self-publish their books. It has two options: Print and Kindle Version. We will convert your manuscript into a perfect Kindle ebook with all the required features.

    ePub Formatting Services

    Epub is a popular format for ebook supported by many e-readers and electronic devices. Our Epub formatting expert will create eye catchy fixed or re-flowable epub and validate it to be accepted by all the platforms.

    SmashWords Formatting Services

    Smashwords distributes ebooks to many retailers including Amazon KDP, Barnes & Nobles etc. It requires special formatting to be accepted by its “MeatGrinder” software.

    IngramSpark Formatting Services

    It is also a great choice for self-publisher as a POD service provider. It has different trim sizes and paper options for books. It also distributes print and ebook to various online retailers. It has different formatting guide than Amazon KDP.

    Some of the Book Formatting Projects Done By Us

    We have designed more than 100+ print and eBooks for various self-publishing platforms ( KDP, Smashwords, IngramSpark ). We are happy to serve newbie authors, bloggers in publishing their first-ever books. See what they say about our service below.

    Let me know your requirements &
    Get a custom offer for book formatting.


    I need your manuscript in either word, text or any other software format such as Indesign etc.

    You either mention or attach the font file used inside the book.

    If your book contains images, graphics, illustrations, I need them in a separate file. Image should be in any of these formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, GIF or PSD.

    Cost of formatting depends on number of words, out put formats, interior styling etc. For fast delivery extra cost is charged.

    I don’t provide proof reading service. Although I can fix small errors like spelling mistakes, spacing, hyphens etc.

    I use Adobe Indesign for book interior formatting works. This is the industry leading software used by professionals.

    If you are new to self publishing, don’t have any prior experience, I’ll help you to upload it using your a/c.

    No, You need to send the typed work / manuscript in MS word or other format mentioned above.