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Who We Are?

We have created a team of skilled freelancers having expertise in different fields such as content writing, SEO, Graphics designing, social media marketing etc, to provide local SEO services in India to businesses. Our well planned, custom, white hat local SEO service guarantees you to improve your current online presence on any search engine which will lead to growing organic traffic and generating more revenues.

What Is Local SEO Service?

Local SEO is a process of optimizing your business website or other business profiles in such a way so that the target audience near your location can search and find your business on the Gmap or on the organic search result page. Local SEO service focuses on particular geographic regions rather than national or international regions. If you have a brick and mortar store or operate an online business in any Indian city or any other part of the world and want audiences only of that region to avail your products or services, you must focus on localized searches in or around that place.

Should You Hire Local SEO Experts?

YES. You Should Hire a Local SEO Expert to Give Your Local Business a BOOST! Here are some facts about the local search done on google. These facts show the importance of localized search engine marketing for your business.


About 46% of all searches are local, which means they are looking for something near their location.


About 89% of people search for a local business on their smartphone at least once a week


About 58%  google users searches for a local business daily.


And from those searchers, 72% are likely to visit your physical business.


30% of mobile searches are location-based.


76% of the mobile searchers are going to call your business.

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How Does Google Show Local Search Results?

When a user searches for any product or service, Google shows two kinds of results. One is Google Local 3 pack and the other one is Localized Organic searches.

Google Local Pack is the top 3 business listing shown on Google map. Here is an example of Google local 3 pack for the search term “dentist near me”.

It is showing the top 3 dental clinics near my location.

This listing also shows information besides your Business names such as Address, Phone number, direction from users location, total reviews and website if they have any.

Another result is localized organic searches.

It shows the top 10 results highly relevant to the search queries and proximity of the user location.

Here is the local SERP for the search term “dentist near me”.

Benefits Of SEO Services For Local Business?

Locally Optimizing your website or online profile for your business ensures you to get more potential customers from online. This is an efficient and cost-effective way of marketing your business. Because they will find or contact you when they are in need of your product and services.

“This is a great way to generate local leads and grow your business.”

Investing in search engine optimization ensures you guaranteed a return on investment. Our Local SEO service helps your business to rank on Google local 3 pack or organic SERP on a long term basis and thus helps generate more revenue from your business. It increases visibility of your business and great way of promotion on the internet.

Simply listing your business on local listing or local search engines such as JustDial or IndiaMart can’t help your business to grow. Because they will show business on the top results who have paid for their advertisement plans.

Your business profiles or listings on those platforms are completely controlled by them, they can suspend or even delete your profile without notifying you. So, completely relying on them is a bad idea. These listing sites are losing their importance in 2019. Because users are getting their solution on the Google SERP.

It also helps in creating brand awareness, maintain online reputation, act as a primary customer support for your  business. Therefore Search Engine Marketing should be an important part of your marketing efforts.

Another fact is that having a website is not essential for doing regional level SEO in Kolkata. Read Related Article: What is SEO and Why It Is Important?

Difference Between Local SEO & General SEO?

There are some basic differences between traditional organic SEO and local SEO. In the case of the latter, the focus is on providing signals of relevancy, around a specific location to Google. This is done for businesses having a brick and mortar store where a customer needs to visit.

On the other hand, traditional organic SEO revolves around a website. It may be an online business, online service provider, a blog etc which don’t need a physical business. The traditional organic SEO may or may not be targeted to a specific geo-location.

In Organic SEO highly relevant and authoritative content which satisfies user intention is important and in the case of localized SEO, Google searches for highly relevant and trustworthy locations which are near to a user’s location. For example, some may search the following terms to get local trustworthy businesses.

“Plumber in Delhi”“Driver near me” , “Gym in Ballygunge” etc to get relevant local businesses on Google local 3 pack or local SERP.

On the other hand for a traditional SEO search terms may be like “buy mobile phone online” or “best men sport shoes” etc where users need some information or buy something online and doesn’t need to visit local stores.

Why Hire Us As Local SEO Service Provider ?

 have been doing localized Search engine optimization in Kolkata since 2016. It’s almost 3 years now.

In these three years, I have worked with 4 different organizations to rank their website on the first page of Google and on the Map as well.

My full-fledged local Search engine optimization service helped their businesses to generate more leads from targeted audiences and thus they were able to scale up their businesses.

They are very happy with my White-hat, Result-Oriented service.

My service cost less than others As an independent best local SEO service provider, my cost of operation is low, no GST is included in my service. So, the cost of service is comparatively lower than other agencies. ​

As a local SEO consultant in Kolkata, I provide long term support even after the contract period is over. If you face any problem created from my end, I try to solve them with high priority.

I’ll provide you with a complete SEO report that will mention the total tasks/work done in the previous 2 weeks. It will include data like current rank for particular keywords, rank in Google My businesses ( GMB ), Traffic data, traffic sources etc. ​

I have a team of expert content writers, graphics designer, web designer and developer.

So, you don’t have to worry about hiring different professionals or rely on your web design agency for help in this local area marketing process. I’ll provide you with all these services with no extra cost.

Having basic technical and Marketing knowledge helps me to provide best quality service to my clients. Such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, FTP, web design etc are required when doing local SEO for your website in Kolkata or in any other location.

Local SEO Services List

Our Local Search Engine Optimization Strategies


Knowing Your Customer

Knowing your audience demographics such as their age, location, purchasing behaviour, marital status, financial status, occupation etc help in creating a proper SEO or internet marketing campaign.

buyers persona

Creating Buyers Persona

After knowing demographics, create a semi-fictional character that represents your targeted audience. This helps in creating a personalized marketing strategy for local SEO.


Site Audit

Before doing local SEO in Kolkata, if you have a website, it’s total site audit is required to find any issues which are hindering the SEO process. It may be technical, on-page, off-page issues which need to be fixed.

buyers persona

Competitor Analysis

Competitors analysis reveals the weakness, strength, their marketing efforts. It helps in finding the opportunity to outrank the existing competitors ranking for your targeted keywords.


Keyword Research

Finding search terms that the user uses to find your services or products online. Creating high quality localized content

For doing local SEO in Kolkata, we need to create high-quality content that satisfies user intent and gives a strong signal to google about the geo-location of your business.

buyers persona

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google lets you create a free business profile on Google My Business platform ( Previously Google Places ). It shows your location and other business information like phone, website ( if any ), reviews, hours of operation etc.

Optimizing this profile in a proper way boost the google map ranking of your business. It is an important part of local SEO.


Social Media Optimization

( Creating and optimizing FB page, Instagram)
Local SEO is not the only way to bring enough traffic for your business. You need to reach where your audience spends their time online.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc are very useful for creating brand awareness, engaging with your existing customer or future customers, getting traffic to your site or even generating leads.

buyers persona

Other Tasks

Besides all these other tasks are done by us to rank your business locally.

Citation audit, removing duplicate citations
Bing local
Creating citations
NAP-W consistency
Local directories
Local backlinks
Local seo for multiple locations
Schema for rich snippets
Optimize for voice search

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Local Businesses/Industries We Work With

We draft different local SEO service strategies depending on the type of local business. These custom plans integrated with SMART goals will lead to a successful SEO campaign. Following are the few such industries / local businesses that are included but not limited to our customized professional local SEO services in India or any other country.



Whether a private chamber or a clinic, you need more bookings and calls from patients. As the number of nursing homes, polyclinic, private chambers increases, patients are looking for physicians near their location and mostly rely on online search. A local SEO is a must to get yourself found there.



One of the competitive local businesses these days. Whether it’s a takeaway, home delivery or table booking, your presence during their online search is what you need to survive the severe competition.



Local SEO service for hotels can prove the masterstroke in the marketing plan. From optimizing your site with the most searched terms to verifying and improving the GMB property can lead to better ROI.



If you are selling some stuff online and targetting the local audiences, you must focus on local SEO.

pest control

Pest Control

Local services such as pest control can leverage the local search engine optimization to bring more keyword targetted quality traffic to their website to generate more leads.


Astrologers are still in high demand in the 21st century. Creating a strong audience profile, and providing the personalized content etc can be helpful.



Local SEO services can bring more leads from online whether you are a personal consultant or running a law firm. It can pinpoint the audience targetting depending on their geolocation.

Repairs Services

Get found on Google when someone is in a hurry searching for your repairing or handyman service. Simply listing your website and phone number on Yellowpages or directories isn’t going to bring leads or calls anymore.

Local SEO Price

Price of Local SEO Service in India depends on various factors such as competition in your industry, location of your target market, number of keywords, age of your website, number of blog posts you need etc. You don’t need to pay any extra charges after the project is started. To know the cost of doing local SEO of your website, contact us.

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