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About Me

I am Manoj Maity, an SEO expert in Kolkata, West Bengal ( India ). I have been working as Search engine optimization and Social media marketing / PPC practitioner since 2016 in various organizations . I also worked in a few domestic and international freelancing projects. I did my SEO training from a reputed institute taught by SEO veterans. Learnt a lot of tips, tricks with practical implementation which helped me to provide good results.

You can see some of the SEO projects done by me on ‘SEO Case Study‘ page. All those companies and projects where I was involved has seen tremendous growth in business due to my dedicated, result-oriented and strategic SEO efforts. As an SEO professional in kolkata, I ensure growth in traffic or visitor to a clients website, not only ranking them.


SEO Case Study of an Online Honey Seller

Read how we planned and executed a custom SEO strategy to grow their business!

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Why Should You Hire Me As An SEO Consultant?

Result Oriented High-Quality SEO Freelance Service

As an SEO consultant, I ensure you to provide the best quality service and help grow your business. If your business grows, I can grow my service as well. Client satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

Basic Knowledge in marketing

Since SEO is a part of digital marketing, having basic marketing knowledge is a must.  Understanding your audience demographics, their purchase behaviour, marketing funnels, 4 P’s of marketing will definitely help is planning an SEO campaign.​

Provide SEO service to all kinds of businesses or blogs

Whether you have a local business website providing service in your local area or an online business with a larger reach of audiences, I can help grow your business using SEO as a marketing channel with my expertise. I have an expert team of other freelancers provides services like content writing, graphic design, video editing, web design service with me. They are the best in their service. There are many freelance SEO in Kolkata who provides industry-specific service. But, I do provide this to all the industry.​

Affordable Price

As an SEO consultant in Kolkata, my service charge is affordable for small and medium businesses compared to other big agencies, because most of the projects that I undertake are long term and my working schedule is flexible.

I have to handle multiple projects simultaneously. As an individual SEO specialist in Kolkata, my cost of operation is small.​

flexible timing

Flexible timing

As an independent SEO expert in Kolkata, my work schedule is very flexible. I can even work on your website during holidays or off time. You can contact me at any time. Multiple ways to communicate with me, Email, WhatsApp or Call. You can get your quote within minutes.​

search engine

Rank In Multiple Search Engine

Get ranking in all the three major search engines simultaneously: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Rank your site within least possible months. Although Google has the lion’s share in the global search engine market, it is still worth focusing on other search engines because who knows when those search engines can turn the tables on Google. Each of these search engines has its own algorithm and ranking factors. As an expert SEO consultant in Kolkata, I ensure you to follow those guidelines and try to get organic traffic.

white hat

Data Driven White hat SEO​

SEO is of three types, white hat, black hat and grey hat SEO. White hat is the best SEO method, the most legitimate and risk free . It follows Google and other search engines terms and conditions. This SEO method ensures you long terms benefit without getting any penalty from Google.

Nowadays Google is smarter than ever. One needs to treat its AI-powered algorithm as a human being. If you are confused about the SEO terms I am using, you can read my guide 63 SEO terms for business owners and non-technicals to get some ideas.​


Long Term Support

I provide long terms support to my clients even after completion of the SEO project in case they face any problem. I try to solve their problem is if it was created from my end.


Flexible Payment Structure & SEO Reports

As a client of my SEO services in Kolkata, you have a flexible payment structure.  It can be done bi-weekly, means the monthly charge is divided into two parts. You pay me 50% of the fixed monthly charge, I start the work.  After two weeks, I will provide you with the SEO report and work details that I have done.

web design skill

Basic Web Design Skills

Having basic web design knowledge such as HTML, CSS, javascript, FTP, User experience etc helps me provide better SEO results. I can also create basic websites at an affordable cost. If you want more complex websites, here is the list of top 10 web design company in Kolkata, you can contact with them.

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    Why Small Businesses need SEO services?

    SEO is essential to survive the extreme level of the competitive online market. It is needed for all whether you are small or big. Those days are gone when you spend thousands on offline advertising campaigns to get customers.

    In this age of digitalization, India is seeing a boost in online penetrations due to reduced cost of data pack, the decline of smartphone price.

    Internet Users in India ( Jan, 2018 ) From: Statista

    For your information here are a few statistics about Indian internet users:

    As of January 2019, more than 560 million people have access to the internet. Which is second only to China. That is almost 40.9% of the entire population. And this is only going to increase.

    Among them, almost 97% uses google as a search engine and 3% uses others. And in social media users are increasing by leaps and bound. At present, there are a whopping 352 million social media users.

    People are spending more time on the internet than ever. On average, they spend 2.5 hours on the mobile internet. Currently, 28% of internet user purchase online.

    These internet users will certainly increase over time as the number of net banking, mobile banking users are increasing. Because of all these reasons, small, medium or big companies are willing to take advantage of this opportunity to grow their business online.

    Creating a website or listing your business on online business directories don’t guarantee you to get a potential visitor to your site and purchase or contact you. Only a well-planned result-oriented search engine optimization of your website can guarantee ranking webpages and bring quality traffic which will ultimately lead to the growth of your business over time.

    That’s what I provide you as a freelance SEO expert. I also provide white hat adult seo services for people who run adult businesses online.

    Benefits of Doing SEO for Small Business:

    If you are still confused about doing Search engine optimization for your website, here the few benefits you can get after doing it properly. Bringing targeted traffic is the sole purpose to do search engine optimization for a website because they are the potential customer of your service or products online. SEO also increases brand awareness, helps maintain online reputation, generate quality leads too.

    ✅ Higher Brand Credibility, People Trust Google

    People trust Google. This is a big brand. When Google shows your site in their first result page, people also trust you and you become a brand name. The further you are in the ranking, people are more sceptical about your site. 
    Besides Google, we also ensure it rank on other search engines like, etc. 

    ✅ Low Cost In Comparison to PPC Ads

    Using SEO the cost of bringing traffic to your site is free. You don’t need to pay per click to get traffic using Google or any other Ad platforms. If you compare the amount of money spend to bring per visitor to your site, SEO is the cheapest and it is a long term traffic generator, unlike Google or Bing Ads where you stop getting traffic if you stop paying for ads.

    ✅ Take Your Business to the Next Level

    You have no idea, how SEO can benefit your business. It can take your business to the next level. Only SEO can guarantee thousands of “free” traffic a day that will help scale up. All of these SEO activities are trackable. The traffic to your site will give you hint what they exactly want from your site. Billions of web pages on the web, SEO Makes You Stand Out.

    As of 2018, there are currently 1 billion websites having around 180 quadrillion webpages. It is easy to get lost in this massive crowd if you don’t do SEO. Using SEO will make your brand stand out from the rest and can easily be the boost that you need to see your sales go through the roof.

    ✅ Definite Increase in Traffic

    A consistent, well-planned SEO effort can guarantee you to increase website visitor to your site. Using free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search console you can clearly see the results. All the freelance SEO expert in Kolkata should include this traffic data in their SEO report as I do.

    ✅ Better Return on Investment Than Normal Ads

    Data says only 2% visitor coming from ads convert and 4% visitor converts coming from the organic search result. This shows the difference in return of investment between paid ads and SEO. Your Competitors Are Doing It. SEO is a rising field.

    More and more people are getting aware of their benefits.  Your competitors know this and probably taking advantage of this marketing channel to get more business. Therefore it is a good idea to hire an SEO professional or invest in skilled SEO staff to rank your site above your direct competitor

    ✅ The Results are Permanent

    SEO is done for long term keyword targetted traffic generation. Unlike PPC ads, it doesn’t stop showing when you stop paying. Of course, you need to pay a little money for SEO to keep them on the top 5 positions.

    ✅ Get Found Locally

    If you have a ‘Brick & Morter’ store, you can reach to your customers who are in need of your service or products locally. For this, you should invest in local SEO services in India.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Manoj SEO Service is Rated 5/5 based on Google reviews.​ Read My Reviews.

    FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

    I understand that I am totally a stranger to you. But, I can say honesty is my strength and because of this, my clients trust me. I have a google verified Google location ( check my contact us page ) and I’m here for doing legitimate business, not to scam. 

    If you still hesitate, I can submit my Govt. IDs before receiving any payment from you. 

    I need to know about your business, your audiences, their location, your competitors, number of keywords you want to rank etc. Also, I need access to your website, Google search console, analytics and reports of previous SEO if any.

    I give flexible payment opportunity to my client. But you need to pay some amount to start the work. You can pay me monthly or bi-weekly after receiving SEO reports for that week or month. I accept online as well as cash ( if you are from Kolkata ). 

    Yes. I will send you SEO report bi weekly reports with all the imprtant Key Performing Indicator such as, Trafic, Keyword ranking, channels of traffic, bounce rate etc.

    Manoj Maity is the best SEO expert in Kolkata, India. He was involved in successful SEO campaigns of many domestic and international SEO projects. He has hand on practical experience in technical, onpage and offpage SEO to be called as an SEO expert in Kolkata.

    Although there is no need for coding knowledge for doing SEO, having basic coding skills in languages like Javascript, PHP, Python etc can add more power to SEO. You can fix any technical, on page issues or automate many SEO tasks to save your time.