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About Me

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India is known for its startup-friendly environment and state policies that helped many medium and large MNCs flourish in the Indian economy. Many multinational IT, ITes, technology companies like Google, Infosys, TCS, Instamojo are operating in the city. Besides, companies with new innovations or solutions have also started their journey from here.

If you are such a startup or already an established enterprise seeking to grow online through Google and other search engines, you need to consult an SEO expert in Bangalore.

 am Manoj Maity, a passionate SEO consultant in Bangalore. I have been working as an SEO & digital marketing executive in different companies since 2016.  My data-driven, result-oriented, strategic white hat SEO campaigns have ensured success and helped increase the return of investment by a few fold.  Nowadays you can easily find an SEO freelancer in Bangalore because digital marketing is growing in India by leaps and bound and many people want to go with the trend.

Thus they are driven by money, not passion. It makes their service worse and makes the SEO industry dirty. Thus you need to choose an SEO specialist wisely because your business growth online solely depends upon them.

SRIE ( Sri Ramakrishna Institute Of Engineering )

A govt job preparation coaching centre for engineers. They prepare students for GATE, RRB JE, ISRO, DRDO & other engineering services.

Necturcart Honey

An online organic honey seller based in Kolkata. I was able to grow traffic and sales within 4 months of doing SEO.


Game Of Guru

A fantasy sports platform in India grew organic traffic within 5-6 months and crossed 2000+ downloads.

See More On The Case Study Page.

Need For SEO As A Digital Marketing Channel For Your Business

Search engine giant Google gets around 70,000 searches per second, translating to 5.8 billion searches per day. This huge number is self-explanatory why your business needs to be visible on the search engine. Your potential customers are using search engines to find their solutions, so your business should be present in front of them at the right time.

Search engines, as a part of inbound marketing, must be present in your digital marketing plan. The initial cost may be higher, but in the long run, its RoI is high. This is the potential for search engine optimization. Merely creating a website and putting some keywords in the content is not going to work anymore. Google has become stricter in choosing the right web pages in front of its users. You need to find the right SEO consultant in Bangalore, as your business profitability depends upon them.

How An SEO Expert In Bangalore Can Help Grow Your Business Online?

✅ Long Term Benefits: 

SEO has long term benefits. When a site ranks for keywords, it stays there for a longer period. This is contrary to pay per click advertisements where you appear on search as long as you pay.

✅ Generate Leads And Sales:

The ultimate goals of any business is to generate revenues. With SEO as a marketing channel, you can bring your keyword targeted potential customers to your website. 

✅ More RoI Than PPC: 

Organic traffic converts more than paid traffic. A study says avg conversion rate for PPC is almost 4% whereas for SEO it is 14%.  People trust more on organic ranking. So, it’s worth spending money on SEO campaigns.  

✅ Increases Brand Visibility:  

People search online when they need something to know or solve any problem. A stranger turns to prospect and then finally converts. This process is called a buyer’s journey. Your website should be visible in each of the steps of your audience’s buyers journey. This increases the trust, authority and creates brand awareness.

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    Why Hire Me As An SEO Expert In Bangalore?

    I have been working as an SEO executive since 2016 and completed many successful SEO campaigns in both domestic and international projects. I have gained enough practical knowledge after years of working hence I can ensure you the best results.

    Result Oriented SEO Freelance Service

    The main purpose of doing SEO is to help achieve your business goals. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and money. As an SEO consultant, I ensure you to grow your business through search engine organic traffic. I can grow if my clients grow. Client satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

    search engine

    Rank On Multiple Search Engine

    There are other search engines besides Google and ignoring them is not a great idea. You never know when they can turn the table on Google. So, keeping that in mind, I also optimize your website for other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc.

    Basic Knowledge In Marketing

    Search engine optimization is an integral part of inbound marketing. I have the foundational knowledge of marketing that helps me to strategise an SEO campaign.

    white hat

    Updated Knowledge In SEO

    SEO is dynamic in nature. Every day, Google changes its algorithms to make the search experience better. As an SEO specialist in Bangalore, I keep updating myself with the latest trends, techniques and information about SEO. It helps me to provide positive results.

    SEO Services For All Types Of Business & Website

    The basic SEO process is almost similar for all the businesses. It only differs in the target audiences, and ways to approach them with the right content.

    Whether you are running a repair service centre in Bangalore or a full-fledged ecommerce site for pan India, or even a SaaS company with a global audience, I can craft SEO plans accordingly.

    Affordable Price

    My SEO consulting fee in Bangalore is affordable as compared to other SEO companies or freelancers. This is because most of the companies contract with me for long term SEO campaigns. Besides, my cost of operation as an individual consultant is low.

    Discuss Your SEO Goals

    My SEO Work Process?

    Although SEO processes are similar, every SEO freelancer in Bangalore follows their own task flows. I created my own processes for best output. Here are those.

    nitial Steps

    ✔ Understanding the Company’s Goals
    ✔ Create an SEO Plan based on this Information
    ✔ Understanding About the Company
    ✔ Understanding the Company’s Audience

    Technical Analysis

    ✔ Website speed check
    ✔ Mobile-friendliness
    ✔ Keyword cannibalizations
    ✔ Redirect Issues
    ✔ Index report
    ✔ Duplicate content check
    ✔ 404 issues
    ✔ URL structure
    ✔ Internal link structures
    ✔ Content analysis

    User Experience Check

    ✔ Site architecture
    ✔ Design sense
    ✔ Ease of navigation

    ✔ Number of referring domains
    ✔ Quality of backlinks
    ✔ Link velocity
    ✔ Link diversity

    On Page SEO

    ✔ Header tags
    ✔ Image SEO
    ✔ Internal linking
    ✔ External linking
    ✔ Content quality

    ✔ Guest Posting
    ✔ Social media engagement:
    ✔ Social Bookmarking :
    ✔ Forum Submission
    ✔ Blog Directory Submission
    ✔ Question and Answer

    Measuring & Reporting

    ✔ Keywords tracking
    ✔ SEO KPIs measuring
    ✔ SEO reporting

    Types Of SEO Services I Provide In Bangalore?

    🎯 White Hat SEO

    There are three techniques used for doing SEO. These are white hat, grey hat & black hat SEO.  White hat SEO techniques are those which follows google’s webmaster guidelines. Although it takes an average 6-8 months for a new site to get any traffic using this method, it is the safest SEO practice if you are thinking to do long term business online.  As an SEO consultant, I also suggest this as it doesn’t pose a google penalty threat to your website.

    🎯 Black Hat SEO

    Some greedy people have no patience when it comes to earning money from a website. As a result, SEOs follow the blackhat methods to get them ranking quicker than white hat methods.  But, it is highly risky to use these techniques. Sooner or later google will find out your manipulation tricks and penalize you and even deindex you. I never use these methods to rank. 

    🎯 Grey Hat SEO

    In this method, white hat SEO is done with a bit of black hat SEO. Most of the SEOs follow these to rank a website faster yet following Google’s guidelines.

    My Other Digital Marketing Services

    FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

    I understand that I am a total stranger to you. But, I can say honesty is my strength and because of this, my clients trust me. I have a google verified Google location ( check my contact us page ) and I’m here for doing legitimate business, not to scam.

    If you still hesitate, I can submit my Govt. IDs before receiving any payment from you.

    Seo doesn’t have a fixed price. I need to know about the number of keywords, location, level of competition in your industry etc to suggest an SEO package. If you are not sure, get in touch with me to discuss this.

    The main difference between hiring an SEO expert and an SEO company is you are paying for the expertise and talent of an individual skilled person, not the whole team and extra bills. Therefore the cost of hiring a freelancer is always lower than a company.

    Besides, a company has many projects running simultaneously, so focusing deeply on a particular project is almost impossible. This is not the case of hiring an SEO expert.

    After in-depth analysis of your website and competition level we will be able to do any commitment.

    It depends on a lot of factors. Domain age, previous SEO performance, competition level in your keyword, location and industry etc. A new website may take 9-12 months for competitive keywords, and 2-4 months for non-competitive keywords.

    In case of an old website, it can take as long as 3-6 month to rank for competitive keywords and 30 days to 45 days for non-competitive keywords.

    I need to know about your business, your audiences, their location, your competitors, number of keywords you want to rank etc. Also, I need access to your website, Google search console, analytics and reports of previous SEO if any.

    Yes. I will send you SEO report bi weekly reports with all the important Key Performance Indicators such as, Trafic, Keyword ranking, channels of traffic, bounce rate etc.

    I give flexible payment opportunities to my client. But you need to pay some amount to start the work. You can pay me monthly or bi-weekly after receiving SEO reports for that week or month. I accept online as well as cash ( if you are from Kolkata ).

    Manoj Maity is the best SEO expert in Bangalore. He, along with his team, is committed to provide the best SEO service and achieve your business goals.

    As someone who has been delivering successful SEO results to businesses since 2016 with his data driven, RoI focused customized SEO planning, his commitment and level of expertise makes him different from others SEO consultants.

    Many businesses who were struggling to get business online, are now thriving because of his SEO service. You can visit the “Case Study Page” for more information.

    Google checks 200+ factors of a website for ranking on the SERP. If you are not getting any results despite spending on SEO, there might be some reasons. It could be the content is not optimized for targeting keywords, wrong selection of keywords, not quality backlinks, on page SEO not done properly etc are a few important ones. Let’s discuss this.