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About Adult SEO

Devchimp is an adult SEO service since 2016. Besides our other digital marketing services, we are also providing top-notch SEO services to adult industries.

Our well-planned white hat strategies for adult nich ensure you rank on Google and other major search engines and increase the organic search traffic.

In general, Google is against all the SEO processes whether white hat or black hat. It says a website should rank naturally with good content and authority. But in reality, this “natural process” may take longer and you may not even rank on the first page. The SEO is done to accelerate this “natural process” to rank.

Since the last few years, this SEO has become one of the hardest parts of digital marketing. Google is now very strict to ranking a site in general unless you have gained trust from users and have enough value for them.

In some nich or industries, SEO is even harder. One of these industries is Adult Entertainment Industries such as Dating, Sex store, Adult Dating, Escort SEO etc.

My Adult SEO Services

Adult On Page SEO

  • Website Technical Audit
  • Website Content Audit
  • Backlink Profile Audit
  • Fixing Website’s Issues
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Writing Seo Optimized Content
  • Page-Level Optimizations
  • Image Optimization
  • Installing GSC, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Codes
  • Monitoring Keyword Ranking and Take Actions Regularly.

Adult Off Page SEO

  • Competitors Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Creating Link Building Strategies
  • Writing and Publishing Relevant Content
  • Guest Blogging
  • Adult Directory Submission
  • Creating Links from Relevant Sites ( Not Spammy ) Using Various Techniques.

Adult SEO Price

For Adult On-Page SEO Pricing Depends on the Number of Keywords You want to rank for, Target Locations & Competition.  We charge per 5 or 10 keywords per month. 

Adult Off-page SEO mainly consists of building links from relevant sites without spamming as much as possible, which is a difficult task. We will create link building strategy after looking at other similar websites. We will also write quality content wherever possible to get backlinks.


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    How Adult SEO Is Different From General SEO?

    Adult SEO is different from general SEO in many ways. It is even harder than that.

    One of the reason is it’s 10x harder to get quality backlink from an authoritative website. But, backlinks are still a major factor for ranking on google.

    Another reason is promoting adult SEO content such as sex toys, casino, adult dating, escort services etc are restricted on many social media networks.

    So, SEO for the adult industry still remains tricky, requires special skills, techniques to get the job done. If you need general SEO service you can visit my SEO expert in Kolkata page.

    How Adult SEO Can Benefit Your Business?

    The adult entertainment industry is one of the lucrative yet very highly competitive markets.

    Whether you have an escort business, sex toy shop, adult dating site or even porn website, you might have faced fierce competition.

    To survive this tough situation and earn some profit you need a special strategy to be more exposed to your target audience when they are looking, satisfy their intent, give them more value than competitors, outrank competitors and gain organic traffic from search engines.

    Some Adult Keywords With Volume.

    There is a possibility to make a fortune.
    For example, “Sex toy”: 201,000 searches per month, if you rank 1 for this word you’ll get 35% traffic, i.e. 70350 visitors.

    Even if 1% converts that 703 customers you will get.

    Now, this is for only one keyword.

    What if you rank for more keywords?

    Interested To Know More About My Services & Pricing?

    SEO Case Study Of An Online Sex Toy Seller

    Read how we planned and executed a custom SEO strategy to grow their business!

    Some Astonishing Facts About Adult Porn

    $1 bn

    It’s projected that virtual reality (VR) porn should be a $1 billion business by the year 2025.


    of male students and 32% of female students first viewed porn before their teenage years.

    12 year

    The first exposure to pornography among men is 12 years old, on average.


    71% of teens hide online behaviour from their parents.

    28 258

    users are watching pornography every second.

    $3 075.64

    is spent on porn every second on the Internet.

    7th day

    Sunday is the peak of porn consumption.


    Just 55% of adults 25 and older believe porn is wrong. More Stats can be found on CovenentEyes

    Our Services

    Escort SEO Service

    One of the lucrative adult business models is running an escort agency online. With the regular google and other search engine updates, it is harder to rank an escort site with the general approach. So we are here to help you out.

    escort seo service
    adult dating seo

    Adult Dating Site SEO

    Ranking a hooker website or one night stand website is a challenging task for any adult seo consultant. But strategic planning and long term effort can bring out the positive fruit.

    Sex Toy Store SEO

    Selling sex toys online is a profitable business. The market is being occupied with bigger brands. So you need a proper marketing plan including the SEO.

    sex toy store seo

    Our Adult SEO Tasks

    #1 Finding Target Audience

    Before starting the adult SEO process, we try to find your targetted audience based on various data from sales team or market research.

    #2 Creating Buyers Persona

    After doing market research, finding your audience, we create a semi-fictional character who represents your customer.

    #3 Website Audit

    Then we start auditing your adult website, to find out on-page, technical and off-page issues and fix them.

    #4 Adult Keyword Research

    Based on your business we will find the best possible keywords that your users might search and we can rank for.

    #5 Competitor Analysis

    The competitor analysis will expose their weaknesses and strength and guide us in the adult SEO service.

    #6 On-Page Optimization

    We implement various on-page SEO factors on your adult website.

    #7 Content Creation

    Adult content creation using the right keywords is the next step.

    #8 White Hat Link Building

    One of the biggest challenges is adult link building. Researching on source sites, create content and approach to them to get backlinks.

    #9 Adult Social Media Marketing

    Traditional social media doesn’t permit adult content. We need to find other channels to spread your content to gain traffic and raise brand awareness.

    #10 Paid Ad Campaign

    Besides SEO, running and managing paid advertisement campaigns on various adult network get increase exposure and traffic to website.

    How To Hire My Adult SEO Service?

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    Adult businesses like Adult dating, Adult tube site, porn site, casino website, sex toy shop, escor agencies should do SEO to survive.

    We need your business full details, such access to back end admin access, cpanel access, Google search console and Analytics account access etc. We can discuss it later.

    Cost of adult seo depends on your targeted keywords, their competition, your targeted country locations etc.

    The time to rank on the first page totally depends on the competition of your adult niche. On average it may take between 4 to 7 months to see any results. “SEO is a Marathon, Not Sprint

    SEO is a continuous process. Our white hat method can ensure you longer period of ranking, but this is not stable. Google algorithm changes frequently, so SEO should be done accordingly.