The demand for sex toys or adult entertainment products in India is growing at an exponential rate. Many large, medium and small entrepreneurs are now entering in this huge market. As a result, the competition is growing by leaps and bound. is an India based sex toys online store. They started their online selling journey back in 2018. But, soon they realized the need for SEO, as launching an online store doesn’t lead to generating sales. It requires, promoting the online store using various digital marketing channels.

Overview of the site at present:

They contacted me and discussed their SEO goals. Their main goal was to improve organic traffic as well as building brand awareness through SEO.

After the initial discussion, I was assigned the project after 10-12 days. This is like all other e-commerce websites, but the difference is this is an adult niche, so there are limited promotional opportunities such as paid and backlink building.

Actions Taken:

Initial site audit for technical, on-page and off-page issues.
Fixing those technical, on-page issues.
Removing or disavowing spammy backlinks.
Fixing internal linking and improving the website structure.
Doing in-depth keyword research for subcategories and product pages.
Creating SEO optimized content
Doing competitors analysis to find backlinks and more keyword opportunities.
Creating content for each step of the buyer’s journey.
Creating visual content and promoting them in different channels that allow such content.
Tracking keywords, doing site audits on a regular basis.
Measuring SEO efforts using Google Analytics, Google search console & heatmaps and improving the conversion rate etc.

As a result, we were able to generate organic traffic from Google which ultimately led to sales and increasing RoI.

Linkbuilding efforts:

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