Using Web 2.0 Sites for SEO: A Brief Guide

Web  2.0 are a kind of website that provides an opportunity to users to interact with the websites they are viewing by various ways such as commenting etc.

It is not like static websites.

There are lots of online platform or services that lets us create such web 2.0 websites. These platforms are perfect for creating blog, forums etc, so that you can easily update any content also interact with the users visiting your blog.

These days web 2.0 websites are being used to help boost SEO by providing backlink to their main money site.

Although this method is treated as risky one, one should be very careful for creating these in right way so that google don’t think these are spam.

You should not use web 2.0 properties solely for getting backlinks, that would be gray hat strategy and a bit risky. But if you mix other quality backlinks with it would be less risky.

Let us discuss how to create them very briefly.

Step 1:

Sign up for a few web 2.0 sites having high domain authority. Some of the web 2.0 are given below.

While creating blog on these platforms one should know the following points to make it more effective for SEO purpose.

Choose a subdomain having your main keywords in url. I.e etc

Give title using the keyword you are targeting, it should be relevant of course.

Write description about your site with keywords.

Step 2:

Create About and Contact page. Presence of these two pages makes you legitimate immediately. Also use keywords there.

You can use different profiles for different web 2.0 sites using random pics unless you are branding.

Post welcome post to different web 2.0 on different day.

Step 3:

Create filler content. Filler content as the name suggest, relevant contents  it will be used to fill your web 2.0 site look normal.  It will not host link back to main site ( seed article will do that ).

Different kinds of filler contents are : relevant images with short descriptions, relevant videos with descriptions, quotes, infographics, unique articles ( if you have time ) etc.

Create filler content randomly and post them on different days on each web 2.0 sites. Better you make a schedule to post them. 2 post per month per web 2.0 is enough.

Step 4:

Next comes the main purpose of creating web 2.0, that is writing relevant, great content that will host backlink to your site.

Article should be minimum 400 words, supre relevant to your niche, having 1-3 % keyword density is great.

If you images rename them using keywords, also in alt tags.

Embed relevant videos from youtube.

Create internal links, 1 authoritative link and 1 link to the main site.

The anchor text should be a mix of all of the below mentioned:

Exact match 10%

Brand name 30%

LSI 20%

Generic 20%

URL variation 20%

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