What is SEO and Why It is Important?

Brief Description of Search Engine Optimization and It’s Importance in Business Nowadays.

So you have landed this page, means you are interested to know the importance of SEO.

Maybe you have already heard a little bit of it, but lack the overall understanding of it.

No problem.

In this article, I am going to cover all the aspect of SEO in brief, but you can have a good understanding of it.

Seo stands for search engine optimization, means optimizing your website or web pages for various search engines, so that search engine ( which are the source of big and valuable traffic ) visit and understand what your pages are all about, index them and later show it to the first page of search result depending on the user search terms.

In other words, SEO means making your web pages visible and understandable to both search engine and human traffic.

You are well aware of this fact that the website is not merely an online presence, it is a shop or storefront which is open to worldwide users 24 x 7.

But making a website doesn’t guarantee you to get traffic ( users of the internet ) and grow your business. One of the biggest source of business search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc. ) beside direct search, link click social media. 

Making visible your webpage for a particular search term ( related to your business ) is always leads to gain a potential customer from search engines.

How do search engines work?

In a brief way – when you submit a website to a search engine it sends its crawlers (a programme to read website ) or bots to crawl ( read ) your site and then based on 200 factors of your website it indexes them and later places them in its pages called SERP or search engine result page.

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For Google, it shows top 100 web pages for a particular term searched by a user.

But 98% of the traffic only visits 1st-page results. It means to get traffic for a specific keyword ( search term ) you have to outcompete your competitors and get rank on the first page of SERP.

This is the sole purpose of doing SEO.

Doing SEO isn’t a simple thing any more.

Its getting complex day by day.

Search engines have their own algorithms which analyze 200+ factors of a webpage and based on these they rank webpage and shows only to 10 web pages in the 1st page of a website, that get the most traffic.

Almost everyday search engines update its algorithms so keeping your site updated according to these changes is the best way to survive in SERP result.

So you have learned about SEO.

Worried about doing SEO of yourself?

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Importance of SEO

Many small businesses owner wonder “why do I need SEO?”.

The answer is simple. people search all day every day billions of subjects. that’s right. Google processes 3.5 billion search queries each day.

SEO helps put your website in front of people when these internet searches happen. this is helpful to your business for two reasons.

First, it gives you the opportunity to answer customers questions. many people research product and services before they buy something.

They want to know about, quality, prices and various options. they also want to know how the product or services will satisfy their pain points. why not get those answers from you.

By being present in their research phase you establish your company in searcher’s mind turning potential customers into real customers.

So don’t miss out that opportunity.

The second way SEO can help your business by getting your product or service on first when customer search to buy.

This helps to put your website in front of consumers in a much more organic and natural way.

Therefore hiring a freelance SEO expert in Kolkata or any other cities who can provide service at an affordable price is a good choice.

Remember 98% people stay on the first page of Google during their internet search.

That’s a lot of money for businesses on page 1 and not a lot for everyone else. 

So when someone searches products or services you provide, your website needs to show up before your competitors.  

SEO is the purest form of direct marketing. 

People search and you are there to fill the need. 

No flashy ads or sales cliches, just your website ready and waiting to serve the customer. Hopefully, you are starting to see how SEO helps your business. 

Simply having your website and selling great products or providing great services doesn’t guarantee you will outrank your competitor in the search result. 

That’s why you need SEO. 

Your website must be built according to the search engines guidelines.

And your website must have a strong reputation online. 

SEO help satisfy both of these requirements. 

A solid SEO strategy can rank your website from page 100 to page 1 increasing your chance of being found to the potential customer. 

Doing proper SEO can take consistent effort, continual monitoring and constant refining. 

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