SEO Case Study of a Local Home Appliance Repair service Centre: Concord Services

Service Provided: Web design & SEO

About the client

The client is a home appliance repair centre in Kolkata, Concord Services. They are operational since 1987, so it has been more than three decades since they are providing original service centres like facilities in Kolkata and its surrounding areas.

They claim to provide world-class electrical and electronics home & commercial appliance repair & maintenance service at the customer’s doorstep. Although they can fix any appliances, they are specialists for air conditioners, refrigerators, LED / LCD television, microwave oven & washing machine of all brands and models.

The client found me online back in December 2020, while searching for an SEO expert in Kolkata on Google. This was an organic lead. After a detailed discussion about the business goal and status of the website, I offered him a custom local SEO & Website redesign service quote. 

I started working on this project in February 2021.

Present situation:

Although SEO is an ongoing process, I was able to work on this project for only 6 months. At the time of writing this case study, this website is getting highly targeted organic traffic from Google search.

Most of the traffic is converting into leads.

Here is the screenshot of the Google search console performance comparison report of the last six months with the previous six months. You can clearly see the impact of SEO.

According to Ahrefs data, 118 keywords are ranking in the top 20 results on Google SERP.

Here are some snapshots of a few of those,

Look at the visitors who are directly calling them from their website. 

How did I do it?  Using Microsoft’s Clarity analytics.

The Challenges

The website domain was only 2 years old. Previously no effective SEO was done and has got almost no traffic at the time of undertaking the project. 

The website was static, built using a freely available HTML template. 

It lacked SEO optimized content for different categories of services. Clear call to action, lead generation forms and overall user interface were very difficult for a newbie user.

Since SEO involves all these things, I decided to redesign the entire website using the most popular and SEO friendly CMS, WordPress.

If you are looking to grow your business through SEO just like Concord Services, let us discuss.

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