Google Ads Case Study for Local Appliance Repair Business

Name of The Business:

All India Service Center

Our client is a home appliance repair business based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. They offer repair services for a wide range of household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and geyser/ water heaters. 

The client was seeking to increase the visibility of their business online and generate more leads through their website.

Previously the owner / founder was attached with 3rd party apps like Urban Company and Home Triangle for businesses. But due to organizational changes in those app based services, they left those. 

How They Found Me:

They found my website on one of their competitors’ websites ( Concord Services ). I was also working with this business for a long time and now generating lots of business from SEO only. Read more here.

Initial Challenges:

They previously ran Google Ads call only advertising on their own but due to lack of proper knowledge, they couldn’t generate many leads. And sometimes their Google Ads account was canceled. Below are some of their faults,

  • Fake clicks ruined their budget
  • Not targeting the right keywords
  • Not tracking conversion to measure success
  • Not having their own website
  • Not knowing the Google ads policies
  • Not setting the right location options
  • Not excluding irrelevant locations

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My Strategies:

To achieve the campaign objectives, we implemented the following strategy:

Understanding Business:

I tried to understand their business operations, their target audiences, questions / queries they ask & other related information. This helped a lot to design their website & structure their Google ads.

Website Design:

Website is like a 24X7 online shop. To run a successful Google ads campaign you need to have your own website. I created a business website that can convert well for this type of business. 

Created mobile responsive & fast loading different landing pages for different appliances and their brands. 

For google ads relevance is the key to success.

Conversion Tracking:

After the website was designed, conversion tracking was the next goal. Without measuring conversions you or Google Ads can’t optimize your campaign for better performance.

I used Google Tag Manager to fire some event tags to Google analytics 4 for some specific action / interaction on the website like clicking on phone number, email, whatsapp button or submit the forms.

Later I imported those events as conversion on Google ads after linking the GA4 and Google ads account.

Keyword Research: 

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-volume keywords for the home appliance repair business. These keywords were then used to create different ad groups and campaigns.

There were branded as well as non branded keywords. 

Example: “Fridge repair in Kolkata”, “Samsung fridge repair in Kolkata” etc.

Ad Copy & Landing Pages: 

For responsive google search ads we developed compelling ad copies that highlighted the key features and benefits of the home appliance repair services offered by the client. 

Utilized extensions like call, call out, site link, image, promotion, structured snippets as much as possible with the right content to get better CTR ( click through rate ).

Same goes with the landing pages we created earlier. The target keywords, ad groups and ad copies and the landing page must have relevancy to get better ROI ( Return on Investment ) from Google ads.

Location Targeting & Scheduling:

We targeted the ads to users in Kolkata & some areas of Howrah district of west bengal as the client’s business is based in the city and they wanted to focus on local customers.

We added all the PIN codes of the city in bulk instead of selecting the whole area at once. It helped me to track the regions with better conversions to fine tune the campaign further.

Scheduling was also done according to the business hours.

Bidding Strategy:

Google has different bidding strategies, some are manual and some are automatic. While it may be alluring to use the automatic bidding strategies if you do it on your own, you may end up getting NO RESULT and Google eating up all your money.

Don’t listen to Google Ads all the time to improve your campaigns. All they need is your money.

It is always safe to start with manual bidding with enhanced CPC or maximize clicks with a  max CPC cap if you are just getting started on a new account. 

It gives you some freedom to adjust bids at keyword level.

After at least 30 conversions it is better to shift to either Target CPA or Target Conversion Value bidding.

Regular Fake Click Monitoring:

Fake clicks are the nightmare for any Google ads advertiser. Although Google is smart enough to detect invalid clicks and refund you for those clicks, it is not hundred percent accurate. 

There are many paid tools available in the market but they are too high priced to afford by  small business owners.

I used different techniques to find out the IPs of fraud clicks and block them regularly.

Till now blocked 200+ different IP addresses and never got clicks from those again.


The Google Ads campaign was successful in achieving the objectives set by the client. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and a notable increase in the number of leads generated through the website. 

Additionally, the client reported an increase in brand awareness and an improvement in the perceived reliability and trustworthiness of the business.

These are the results in three different phases.

#1 Phase:

From May 2022 to July 2022, they spent around 47K, to get 21300+ clicks with avg CPC of INR 22.11 and total conversion was almost 500.

Their min. average conversion value was INR 240, so minimum revenue generated was, 240 X 497 = INR 119,280So

So, the return on ad spent was, 119,280 / 47000 = 2.53X

#2 Phase:

From August 2022 to November 2022.

Total amount spent was around INR 85700.

Generated 2,920+ clicks with avg. CPC of around INR 30, total conversion was 815.

Total generated revenue was around, INR 195,000

So, ROAS ( return on ad spend ), 195,000 / 85700 = 2.28X

#3 Phase:

From 12th December 2022 to 20th December 2022.

Total amount spent was around INR 3710

Generated 113 clicks with avg. CPC of around INR 32, total conversion was 41.

Total minimum generated revenue was around, INR 10,000

So, ROAS ( return on ad spend ), 10,000 / 3710 = 2.69X

#4 Phase:

( New Google ads account and a few days ad campaign was paused )

From 7th December 2022 to present date. 

Total amount spent was around INR 15,700 so far.

Generated 435 clicks with avg. CPC of around INR 36, total conversion is 78.

Total minimum generated revenue was around, INR 18,720

So, ROAS ( return on ad spend ), 18,720 / 15700 = 1.19 X

I will update after three months when it will improve further on a new account.

If you are looking for some experience as a Google Ads manager, you can connect with me.

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